PT Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek ( KIKC ) adalah anak perusahaan PT Pupuk Kujang yang berlokasi di Cikampek. KIKC mengelola kawasan industri seluas 140 hektar.Kondisi lingkungan dikawasan ini sangat ideal untuk bekerja dan tempat tinggal karena udaranya yang bersih dan lingkungan sekitar yang masih alamiah dengan pepohonan yang hijau. Temperatur setempat berkisar 23 C dan maksimum 35 C. Kelembaban relatif sekitar 73% sampai 94%, sedangkan arah angin utama dari Utara ke Selatan. Kawasan ini berada pada Zona 3 berdasarkan klasifikasi zona gempa Indonesia.

PT Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek ( KIKC ) is a sister company of PT Pupuk Kujang and located in Pupuk Kujang Estate in Cikampek. KIKC manages a 140 hectares industrial estate. The surrounding condition of the estate is very ideal for work and residential area since it has clean air and natural green environment. The temperature is about 23 C and to the maximum of 35 C. The relative humidity is around 73% to 94%, and the air mainstream is from North to the South. This estate is located at Zone 3 of Indonesian Earthquake Zone Classification.
PT Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek Office
Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 39 PO Box 62
Cikampek 41373, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Telp : ( 62 - 264 ) 7000700
  : ( 62 - 264 ) 319453
Fax : ( 62 - 264 ) 313114
Homepage :
E-mail :

Contact Persons :
- Mr. Waryoto
- Mr. Abbas Sambas
- Mr. Wahyu Hidayat

Lease Rate :  
Lease Rate is and does not include VAT ( PPN ) : USD 4.50 /m2/Year
Water Supply:
- Connection Fee
- Usage Fee

: Depend on distance and sizing of connection
: Rp. 9.500,-/m3 Monthly bases
Service charge for maintenace of roads,street lighting, rainfall drainage, landscaping : Rp. 600,-/m2 Monthly bases
* Price can be change without prior notice

Type of existing Companies :
Sizes : 0.5 ha up to 6 ha
Sectors : Chemical and Manufacturer
Origen : Japanese, India and Indonesia

Land Size and Condition:

Land Size :
To meet your requirement, provide you with various option for the plot area.
Minimum land plot is 5,000 m2 and larger plots are available by a several plot

Land Conditions :
Flat and ready to build.
The elevation is abaout 0.50 - 2.0 m up from the road level.
Free overflowing

Land Title :
The Right of Building ( HGB )
The Right to establish and posses a construction on land for a period ( renewable for 30 years )

Building Regulation :
Main Building Regulation set by West Java Provincial Government be subject to further revision are : Coverage Ratio 60%

Soil Condition :
Silty Clay
Soil investigation should be done by the investors to get the exact condition