Core Business

Industrial Estate

  • Rented Area : 42.35 Ha
  • Area For Rent : 37.89 Ha
  • Green Outdoor & Public Facility : 29.76 Ha
  • Man Power : 51 People
  • Our Tenant : 19 Companies
  • There is a condition in the agreement that there is a maintenance service fee

    Filter water processing at KIKC is carried out by PT Kujang Tirta Sarana (PT KTS) which is an affiliate company of PT KIKC. PT KTS was founded to meet the need for clean water at KIKC by prioritizing appropriate water production clean water standards using ultra filtration with a membrane system.

    Demin water is used in the chemical industry pharmaceutical, health, textile, power generation, electronics and industries that require it pure water quality or free of minerals and power low conduction as boiler feed water as well laboratory needs.

    Business Scope

    Managing industrial areas cannot be separated from the fields of civil services and architectural construction. As part of its services and support to Tenants, since 1998 PT KIKC has started working on civil service and construction projects, such as building office buildings, fertilizer warehouses, factories, road repairs, etc.

    Management of the industrial area belonging to PT Pupuk Kujang was handed over to PT KIKC as a subsidiary. Maintenance and service are our main capital as managers. One of the areas within the business scope is Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance. Such as supporting, among other things, Annual Repair activities at PT Pupuk Kujang, and Installation of Electrical Lines for Tenants.

    PT KIKC as one of the industrial area management companies, continuously strives to increase the company's value, especially in general trade activities, both exports and imports, as well as various distribution patterns, in order to have great opportunities in the international trade arena.

    PT KIKC berupaya untuk meningkatkan nilai perusahaan dengan didukung oleh pengalaman dan tenaga kerja profesional bersamaan dengan digitalisasi modern yang memudahkan bisnis. PT KIKC selain melakukan bisnis utama juga melakukan optimalisasi pemanfaatan sumber daya yang dimiliki untuk menghasilkan sesuatu yang bermutu tinggi dan berdaya saing kuat.